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Product Types

Not familiar with all of the lingo in the window covering industry?

Check out the information below to learn more about different types of coverings.

faux wood blinds in oklahoma

FAUX WOOD BLINDS: Are all faux wood blinds the same? When comparing prices on faux wood blinds, make sure you are comparing apples to apples. There are many levels of quality when it comes to blinds in Oklahoma. It is important to pay close attention to the warranties, as well as the materials in which the blind is constructed. Lastly, it is important to think about where your blinds are manufactured and to support products that are made in the United States. 

First, be sure to ask your sales person for the warranty information. Some products might come with a warranty ranging from 1 year to Limited Lifetime. It is important to consider how long you might be planning on living in your home. Do you plan to stay there for many years? You might considering spending a little bit more money on a product that is going to last the duration of your stay in that home. If you purchase blinds that may break in a year or two, it is costly to have to replace those blinds when you are preparing your house to sell. Many stores that carry "in stock" blinds are not going to warranty their product for very long. Almost all of our blinds come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and we only use manufacturers that really stand by their warranty. Our vendors have fantastic customer support departments that ship replacement and repaired blinds to us quickly. This amazing support system allows us to provide excellent warranty work to our valued Oklahoma Customers. 

Second, it is critical to compare the materials used to construct the blind. Many faux wood blind slats are made of PVC, and as time goes on the PVC can weaken, discolor, or even warp. "Builder's grade" blinds are made with cheap PVC and we have seen them warp the same summer they are installed due to Oklahoma's scorching summer sun. It is also critical to take a peek into the head rail of the blinds you are comparing. Blinds sold on the shelf in the "big box stores" are often times made with a plastic head rail, plastic tumblers (the mechanism that tilts the shade), and plastic valance clips. Over time, the heat from the sun causes all of that plastic to weaken and become brittle. The blinds we sell are manufactured with a steel or aluminum head rail, metal tumblers, and many of the valances attach with a magnet. 

Many of the blinds we sell and install are manufactured right here in the United States (Florida and Texas mainly). Just like any product, you can always find a cheaper, inferior quality product that is manufactured in China or other areas off shore. We greatly value all of the working relationships we have with our manufacturers, as well as appreciate the ability to call our vendors and talk to a real, live person. This secures jobs for other American businesses, as well as helps us to provide better customer service to our Oklahoma customers. If we do not know the answer to one of our customers' questions, we can quickly call the manufacturer and get our customers an answer quickly. There have been many times we've gotten an answer right there in our customers' living room. We don't believe you can get that kind of customer support any where else. 

black out roller shade
blackout roller shade, motorized roller shade,
roller shades in oklahoma city, blackout roller shades
blackout shades, roller shade,

MOTORIZED ROLLER SHADES: We love motorized shades! They are so functional and fun! This motorized roller shade features a square white cassette. Roller shades are great options for those of you who want their living room or kitchen windows to be completely open at certain times. 

Roller shades also provide privacy in the evening and can reduce glares on the television. Motorized roller shades can be operated via an app on your phone, a remote, or a wall switch. The possibilities are endless who you choose to shop from a local store for custom window treatments.

dual shades in mustang ok
dual shades in yukon
transitional shades in yukon
dual shades in chandler, ok

DUAL SHADES: Are you looking for a local company for dual shades in Oklahoma? Dual shades, or transitional shades, are an up and coming trend in window coverings. They come in many beautiful fabrics and textures. These shades are great for customers who do not wish to block their amazing view but may need privacy or light control during certain times of the day. 

You get the functionality of a blind with the ease/maintenance of a roller shade. No dusting is always a plus! The shade will completely retract up into the cassette, leaving a open, unobstructed view. Custom dual shades also come in light filtering and room darkening fabrics. 

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